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Living Independently in Northwest Kansas

Financial Management Services

LINK is a state-approved Financial Management Services (FMS) Provider for several HCBS waivers and have additional payroll and billing availability. Listed below are some of the services and programs LINK can provide Financial Management Services for.

  • Physical Disability (PD) Waiver self-directed FMS Provider
  • Frail & Elderly (FE) Waiver self-directed FMS Provider
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Waiver self-directed FMS Provider and Transitional Living Skills
  • Developmental Disability (DD) Waiver Affiliate Payroll Agent

LINK, Inc. will provide the following built-in free services as your Financial Management Services Provider:

  • We maintain an active list of people interested in working as a Direct Support Worker (DSW) for you to choose from.
  • We will handle all advertising for additional DSW’s in your area.
  • We provide you with all necessary paperwork and documents to complete in order to comply with Medicaid and applicable employment laws.
  • We provide you with instructions and/or hands on training on how to utilize the State mandated Authenticare Check-in/Check-out System.
  • We provide you with a calendar which gives deadlines and pay dates.
  • We have the responsibility of withholding taxes and Social Security and maintaining unemployment and Worker’s Compensation Insurance.
  • We can provide you and/or your DSW with any additional training on a wide variety of subjects.

LINK will process and pay your Direct Support Worker.

If you need more information, contact LINK at call 785-625-6942 or 1-800-569-5926 or by email below.