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Living Independently in Northwest Kansas

Other Related Services

These are services other than the five core services. These include Financial Management Services, Independent Home Care Program, Housing Referral, Support Groups, Durable Medical Equipment Loan Pool, Brailling Services, Interpreting Services, Living Well with a Disability Workshop, Community Action Public Policy Change Agents and Kansas Telecommunication Access Program.

Financial Management Services (FMS)

LINK, Inc. is an FMS Provider and can process and pay your Direct Support Workers. Click for more information.

Independent Home Care Program

Link’s Independent Home Care Program helps you to stay in your home despite living with a disability. If you have a disability and do not qualify for Medicaid, we can still help you obtain in-home attendant care. This is a private pay service, where you would reimburse LINK for paying your workers, plus a handling fee.
We share our experiences and/or knowledge or link you with someone who can relate to the changes and challenges that you might be facing.

Housing Referral

We do not operate a residential setting, but rather act as a referral source for appropriate, accessible housing.

Support Groups

We encourage people with disabilities to learn from each other in support groups. These groups can be accessed either through the community or LINK.

Durable Medical Equipment Loan Pool

We have a limited pool of durable medical equipment for short-term loan to you, such as wheelchairs, walkers, etc. We will assist you in locating new or used equipment.

Brailling Services

We can Braille documents for your use or for the community. (Fees apply for use by community.)

Interpreting Services

LINK has a list of sign language interpreters available upon request when needed.

Living Well with a Disability Workshop

This program is designed to promote health and wellness. LINK has an individual on staff that can guide you through this workshop. For more information, contact Angie Zimmerman at 785-625-6942 or 800-569-5926 or by e-mail.

Community Action Public Policy Change Agents (CAPPCA)

This group is individuals in Western Kansas committed to leadership at the local, state and federal levels of government to effect positive change for people of all ages and disabilities for a life of opportunity, liberty and meaning, keeping in mind independence and community access. Click for more information.

Kansas Telecommunication Access Program (TAP)

LINK, Inc. is a Demonstration Center for the Kansas Telecommunications Access Program. Kansas residents with existing telephone service and income below $55,000 per year qualify for a free specialized telephone if they also have trouble hearing, seeing, speaking, remembering, walking, or holding a telephone. Click for more information.